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Employment Law

We provide an exclusive insurance solution to protect you against exposure to employment legislation - the fastest growing area of Corporate Liability.

Employment Law Insurance is now an essential part of any business insurance programme, and the financial and commercial consequences of non-compliance with employment law are serious and present a significant threat to all employers.

In 2011/2012, there were 186,300 Employment Tribunals, with just as many disputes settled out of court. The highest awards were made for Race Discrimination (£4,445,023) and Disability Discrimination (£390,871), with awards also made for Sex, Age, Religious and Sexual Orientation Discrimination, and Unfair Dismissal.

We have partnered with regional solicitors, Flint Bishop, and employment insurance specialist, Axa, to provide one of the widest policies on the market, protecting your legal liability following an employment dispute, and covering any legal costs and expenses or civil compensation award made against you. Typical client exposures include: Unfair Dismissal, Constructive Dismissal, Redundancy and the Discriminations mentioned above.

Flint Bishop will deal with all claims, and costs will be covered by Axa Insurance, under the terms of your policy. In addition, Flint Bishop provide a free help line for any employment related questions, and a bespoke consultancy service at a discounted rate, depending on your requirements.

When considering Employment Law Insurance, you should consider the following financial consequences:

• Maximum compensation for unfair dismissal is £74,200 (February 2013)
• Compensation for discrimination is unlimited
• Each employment dispute consumes, on average, 140 hours of management time – at what price?
• Legal representation on a straightforward dispute is likely to cost between £3,000 - £5,000 daily. Under Employment Legislation, even if an employer wins the case, they are unable to recover their costs.