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Personal Injury Reforms 2 years on - how do they affect you?

Personal Injury Reforms


August 2014

As a Chartered Insurance Broker, keeping our staff up to date is paramount to us and we were this week visited by Alex Peet and Vicky O'Donohoe of Allianz for a progress update regarding the reforms previously posted on this website that were introduced in 2013..............

In one of our monthly lunchtime talk in sessions, we were updated on the position from the insurer's standpoint, looking at the impact for Allianz, ourselves and importantly you our customers.

What type of claims are affected by these Reforms?

The Reforms apply to Motor personal injury claims, Public Liability claims and Employers Liability claims with a value between £1,000 and £25,000

How can you help?  

To help keep claims settlements to a minimum, we need you to:

- notify us of actual or potential claims immediately, ideally before a third party claim is received
- ensure information provided is accurate and complete
- provide all relevant documentation within shorter timescales
- provide immediate assistance with any liability investigation by your insurers
- support quick decisions on liability to keep costs to a minimum

What will the business impact be for you?

If you can notify us/insurers of incidents as early as possible and provide full information  and documentation, insurers stand the best chance of defending the claim or settling it for the minimum amount. This is in your best interests and can potentially have a positive effect on your claims experience and future insurance costs

If you have any questions about this article or want to know more about the Personal Injury Reforms, please speak to your Account Executive.