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Last Summer, Bell & Co enhanced its Chartered Insurance Broking training programme.

Year End Results at Morley Hayes


October 2014

The Bell & Co team went off site last Friday to Morley Hayes to discuss and celebrate what was a very successful 2013/14 financial year which ended in September.

With strong retention of clients and good new business attraction, income levels grew by 7 per cent to £9,000,000 gross written premium. This was an even better result than the numbers portray with the company income levels at their highest ever, despite a strategic decision to sell a business owned in Scotland in 2012. This showed excellent organic growth and company teamwork. Having thanked staff for their hard work and loyal support throughout the year, Managing Director, Richard Salt went onto highlight some of the real key progresses made which include:

A conclusion to the company's rebranding exercise

A significant improvement in the business arena for the mid to large corporate clients with the business insuring more global clients.

Positive feedback from newly undertaken client surveys

Great results from newly introduced PI schemes and SME Commercial products.

An increase in take up of personal home and motor insurance products from our corporate clients with specific discounts for clients having more than one policy now on offer

A new working group for the company's young people - called 'ASPIRE' to help them in their career journey, ensuring they hit their goals for themselves and our clients.

The company's four objectives for the year had all been met or progressed significantly, one being to work as a partner to a charity in addition to the one off charitable work that we do. This year the main Charity has been Derby YMCA and to end the years partnership, Grace Harrison Head of fundraising from the Charity and CEO Gillian Sewell came along to talk to the team.

Commenting, Richard said 'it was a great way to finish off a very strong year and to have our Charity partner with us, offsite with time to reflect on what has been a real journey of learning about what they do, was a good way of providing balance to our results review.

As ever whilst thanking the staff for all their really hard work, I would take this opportunity to thank our loyal client base and the new ones that we have added in recent times for their ongoing support for Bell & Co.'