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This week we celebrated 12 months of office life in our new home at The Media Centre.

Momentous 12 months for Bell & Co In Our New Home

September 2017

We are very proud of our unique location and are really pleased that so many clients/insurers/friends have taken time to come and see us since our move. Being here has completely changed our outlook as a business and meant that more companies have had a chance to see and experience the quality of work that we carryout.

This has been supplemented by us becoming part of the Aston Scott Group in February this year. In our insurance markets, this has bought scale, presence and further expertise to our offering. The events being combined in the same year has meant that this has been a milestone year for Bell & Co.

We will soon announce our year’s results to the team and they are impressive. Showing growth and high client retention / satisfaction levels against the backdrop of the years events makes it clear that 2016/2017 will go down as a key year in Bell & Co’s almost 40 year history.

We have fabulous new premises in the city, gained great new colleagues and considerable industry ground with our Aston Scott deal and are now in talks with a number of brokers to start the journey of building our region.

Having a happy, committed and capable team, I think we are as strong as we have ever been during my 17 years as MD here. With these wonderful staff I am looking forward to maximising the great position that we have created.’